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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ad still processing?

The status ‘processing’ means that your ad is being automatically processed by the Gumtree system which includes going through automated filters designed to prevent suspicious activity.

If you recently posted or edited your ad and it is “processing” give it at least 4 hours and you should find the ad status changes to “Live” so that your ad is appearing on the site. In very rare circumstances this process can take up to 12 hours.

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I lost product key, what to do ?

If you’ve lost your licence key, use our handy license lookup tool.

What are the limitation of trial version ?

Trial version is limited to 30 re-posts or 3 days whatever comes first.

Are there any limitation in full version ?

There are no limits! Remember however about Gumtree posting rules.
Is recommended to delete old adverts to prevent duplication which is against posting rules.

Why my adverts has been removed or account closed ?

The reason might be you breached Gumtree Posting Rules
We strongly recommend to read it! Delete old and duplicated adverts!
Don’t overuse ‘re-post’ as flooding is against general Gumtree rules.

Why re-post shrink images ?

It might happen when you use pictures smaller than 600×450 pixels.
Use minimum 600×450 pictures when post original advert and there will be no problems re-posting them later.
You can use ‘post similar’ and change pictures for advised size.